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Our Authors

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Ben Chewey was born in Brooklyn and raised in Cranford, New Jersey and is an up-and-coming fiction author currently working in education. He has a master’s degree in Holocaust and Genocide studies and has done extensive work with the local television station and Historical Society.

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Born in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey, Jazmine Stevenson was always a vibrant little girl who loves her family and tight circle of friends. Her outgoing personality and ease in connecting with others made her a natural fit to help the elderly population and those who may have special needs. To this day, she has a unique passion for dance and making people feel great with her stupendous hugs that are unlike anyone else's. 


Despite facing obstacles casting uncertainty on her collegiate prospects, through long sleepless nights and tears, Jazmine graduated from Ramapo College in 2017 with a B.A. in Social Science with a concentration in community mental health and a minor in substance abuse. In October 2021, she became certified as a lifestyle life coach. Jazmine has taken the trials she faced on the road to success and transformed them into a business brand. She plans to use her talents in order to conduct outreach and effect real change in her community, one person at a time.


Mrs. Smith has authored nine books: two cookbooks (Jamaica's Forgotten Treats and Memba When) and five children's books (The Great Compost Heap, Freddie's First Race, Who Turned the Lights Out?, Freddie's Good Deed, Freddie Goes to the Beach, Freddie Learns the Value of Money and Dorianne the Baker (which she coauthored with her mother Nella Perrier). Her cookbook, Memba When, won international acclaim when it was awarded "Best First Cookbook for Jamaica" from the Gourmand Cookbook Awards in 2014. Her latest book is titled 31 Days of Encouragement and includes an inspirational calendar.

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Nella Perrier has been a teacher for over 50 years. It is her lifelong commitment to guiding children along their educational path. She has always displayed a fervent desire to see children from all social classes succeed in their academic pursuits.  Although an avid writer "Dorianne the Baker" will be her first published book.


Wintworth Henry is a first time published author. 


Angelita, a woman fearfully and wonderfully made, has triumphed over the labels of ugliness and rejection that society imposed on her. Drawing strength from her faith in Jehovah, she has learned to love fiercely and fight for what she desires. Guided by the wisdom of Pastor Dharius Daniels, Doc Reid, Pastor RC Blake, and Sarah Jake Roberts, Angelita found healing and became qualified by the Holy Spirit to help others.

Growing up as a loner with older brothers, Angelita embraced self-acceptance as her only refuge. Her mother's protective nature hindered her from experiencing a normal teenage life, but Angelita was determined not to repeat the cycle. She refused to block her child's development and replaced the past with faith in God, recognizing the void within us all that can only be filled by His presence.

Angelita's inspiring story serves as a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and overcoming the wounds of rejection.


Winifred, a self-published author, has authored 13 books, primarily poetry with one exception. Among her works, "Testimony: the T’s Have It" stands out as it narrates her personal journey. She recently published her book, "Just As A House On A Firm Foundation", which can be considered the second part of her personal narrative as she takes on a familiar theme and infuses it with her unique perspective.​

Apart from her writing endeavors, Winifred also takes on the role of editor for the Heard Herald Quarterly, the newsletter of her church. She finds great joy in this task, which serves as a public relations outreach for the church Historical Commission, a ministry she actively participates in.

While she has achieved significant milestones in her education, Winifred regards her faith and divine calling as her top priorities. She takes particular pride in the Christian poetry she has shared in several of her books, always attributing the glory to God.

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